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Taking a look at Spark Admissions:

Admissions into leading higher education institutions are extremely competitive and the pressure on students is apparent during high school years. An increasing number of high schools provide access to one or more teachers with experience in counseling students on college admissions. The teachers collaborate with the guidance department to assist you plan for the transition from high school to higher education. The education counselors are not responsible for overseeing college-bound students' applications. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to arrange college visits, write essays and complete education interviews. Counselors often arrange meetings with parents during the junior year. The role of school counselors is not personalized due to the huge number of students who need assistance.

Spark Admissions offers a wide array of college admissions preparation service designed to increase the chances of successful applications. The wide range of education packages available include the essay package, evaluation services and the college preparation package. The services are geared towards juniors, seniors, freshmen and transfer students. The Evaluation Package offered by Spark Admissions provides detailed assessments and assistance with planning. The education consultants take into account education ambitions of students in addition to extracurricular activities. It incorporates two one-on-one education consulting sessions that cover a full assessment and the reviewing of findings and suggestions. The package is well suited to families seeking a formal assessment. With the essay package, students receive assistance formulating a detailed outline of the essay's structure.