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Basic overview of IvySelect:

Applying for college admission can be stressful for both parents and students. The numbers of students trying to further their education at higher institutions of learning have been rising steadily. More students are opting to use the early method and applying online. The outcome of the admission process plays an important role in determining your education and future career trajectory. You should communicate openly and ask for help from members of the college admissions team, where necessary. School counselors are unable to offer more personalized education guidance due to heavy workload. In some schools, a single education counselor is responsible for guiding up to 500 college-bound students.

IvySelect offers boutique admissions consultancy; it focuses on helping high-achieving students gain acceptance in top-tier education institutions (Ivy League universities), such as Harvard and Princeton. The entity spends more time with clients providing guidance to ensure value for money. IvySelect offers expert assistance on crafting exceptional essays and high-level strategic planning to maximize competitiveness. The agency also focuses on a variety of specialties, including medical and law school applicants, transfer students, international students, B.S./M.D. program applicants and student athletes. The education consulting services incorporate setting standardized testing schedules, local and distance counseling, process-oriented approaches to meeting deadlines, tutorial referrals and much more. The preliminary stages of the counseling process involves analyzing background and school records, family intake conferences, maximizing on student strengths and facilitating internships considered thematically consistent with the abilities and interests of students.